The Team

Omead Kohanteb

Project Lead

BS Cognitive Science @ UC Berkeley 2013 // Worked in Web Dev and UX Consulting before MHCI // Interests: Sustainability, Biking, Scuba, Seinfeld

Owen Tong

Research Lead

hey, i love chips and writing in lowercase. im a big research nerd. i want to learn about people to make better products for them.

Heidi Yang

Co-Design Lead

In which Heidi sacrifices sleep doing what she loves. Still not exercising, but deeply content. Yes. This is 2015. Embrace it.

T Saensuksopa

Co-Design Lead

Co-Founder of a military community start up / Coder and Designer / Boxer Wannabe / Cornell ECE’08

Saba Kazi

Tech Lead

Part human, part cartoon. App Maker by profession, penguin, minion and cartoon lover by heart. I like making apps that make people happy :)

Project Sponsors

Dan Fredinburg

Head of Privacy, Google[x]

(In Memoriam)

Young Joo

Program Manager, Google Privacy

Sunny Consolvo

UX Researcher, Google Privacy

Faculty Advisors

Jason Hong

Associate Professor, HCII

Karen Berntsen

Associate Teaching Professor, HCII

About CMU and HCII

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) is a department housed in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Drawing on research in the fields of design, computer science, and the behavioral sciences, the HCII takes an interdisciplinary approach to creating technology that supports and advances human endeavors. The Masters in HCI (MHCI) program is a 12-month, three semester, graduate program where students learn the fundamentals of programming, design, and research methods. In the second and third semesters of the program, we have the opportunity to apply the methods and skills we have learned in a capstone project. This book is the culmination of the first semester of the capstone project.